GIPS Subcommittees

The GIPS Executive Committee and Technical Committee have authority to create subcommittees to facilitate the involvement of all country sponsors and key stakeholders in the ongoing development and promotion of the Standards.

GIPS Subcommittee Member Selection and Meeting Frequency

Member Selection

GIPS Subcommittee members are appointed by the relevant Subcommittee Chair, the Chair of the Technical Committee, and the Executive Director. Appointments are based on the interested volunteer’s technical expertise, work experience, and geographic diversity.

Subcommittee members serve one-year terms, renewable annually for up to four years. They may serve up to two additional years (for a maximum total of six consecutive years) at the discretion of the Subcommittee Chair, Chair of the Technical Committee, and the Executive Director.

Meeting Frequency

GIPS Subcommittees meet by telephone conference calls. Subcommittees determine their meeting frequency each year. They may meet quarterly, monthly, or even more frequently depending on their number of projects. Members should be committed and dedicated to actively participate their Subcommittee’s activities and initiatives.

GIPS Subcommittees

Asset Owner Subcommittee

Acts as a forum for understanding the important issues facing investors (and those representing investors) when evaluating investment performance information. This perspective will be shared with the GIPS Technical Committee to contribute to the GIPS standards.

Interpretations Subcommittee

Clarifies the GIPS standards through interpretations that effectively respond to new issues presented by the global investment industry as assigned by the GIPS Technical Committee.

Promotion Subcommittee

Actively engages with GIPS Standards Sponsors on outreach activities. Participates in decisions regarding how global promotion efforts should interface with local engagement efforts. Identifies local market needs, collects feedback, and identifies future volunteers for development and promotion of the GIPS standards.  In partnership with the GIPS Standards Sponsors, increases promotion and adoption of the GIPS standards.

Verification Subcommittee

Develops content specific to verifiers and service providers as identified and/or directed by the GIPS Technical Committee. Discusses verification issues and needs and provide feedback on proposals affecting verifiers and service providers.  Acts as a forum of professionals to discuss issues and needs verifiers and third-party service providers face.  This perspective will be shared with the GIPS Technical Committee to improve the quality of the GIPS standards and offer feedback on proposals affecting verifiers and service providers.

Subcommittee Members

Asset Owner ​​Subcommittee
Kathryn Misic, CFA, Chair
Lindsey Beecroft
Yekaterina Federiksen
Alexander Helter, CFA, CIPM
Dae-Jun Kim, CIPM
Jeffrey Lieser
Robert Paterson, CIPM
Stephen Skaanes, CFA

Interpretations Subcommittee
Steven Furst, CFA, CIPM, Chair
Tricia Bailey, CIPM
Michael Beck, CIPM
Craig Horvath, CIPM
Susanne Klemm
Stacy Luchin, CIPM
Erilda Muco
Megan Piarulli
Ashley Reeves, CIPM
Michael Stevens, CIPM
Daisuke Uemura, CFA

Promotion Subcommittee
Ann Putallaz, Ph.D., CIPM, Chair
Muhammad Ali Bhabha, CFA
Jean-Francois Bouilly, CFA
Damien Damiano, CIPM
Hans Groetsch, CIPM
Girish Jayakumar, CIPM
Yue (Cynthia) Li
Neil Mackay
Ghada Mazi
Steve Wallace
Daniel Whitley, CIPM
Xiaodong (Stephen) Zhu, CFA

Verification Subcommittee
Paul Blandford, Chair
Tatsuhiko Abe
Chris Callard
Philip DeRosa
Janice Kitzman, CIPM
Karim Manaa
John Simpson, CIPM
Wesley Western, CIPM
Liang Xue, CIPM